Maxima 750 Flying Lounge sloop

Fantastic sloop!


Would you like to rent a wonderfully spacious sloop with great sailing qualities in Friesland? Then the Maxima 750 Flying Lounge is something for you!

This comfortable sloop is equipped with a strong bow thruster and engine so you can easily sail and moor with a larger party.

The sloop is further equipped with a spray hood with removable windows and a swimming platform with swimming ladder and even a refrigerator to keep your food and drinks cool.

Of course you get a water map and a route book with you. In addition to a full tank, you also get a reserve tank of petrol, so you never unexpectedly run out of fuel.

Come rent your Maxima 750 Flying Lounge sloop now in Friesland!

Maxima 750 Flying Lounge huren

Maxima 750 Flying Lounge sloep

Classic sloop

The Maxima 750 Flying Lounge is derived from the classic lifeboat. The sloop has a modern underwater ship and the appearance of a classic lifeboat. This sloop is equipped with a powerful engine, but due to the limiter without a licence to sail. A wonderful sloop to go out with together and to enjoy all the beauty that Friesland has to offer.

The sloop has plenty of storage space for your luggage and is also extremely suitable for a multi-day boat trip with you. How nice is that? Sailing through Friesland for several days and spending the night in nice accommodations near the water. Or take a tent and camp on the way, it’s all possible from Heeg.

Sloop Rental Friesland

Sloop Rental FrieslandFor sloop rental in Friesland you have come to the right place. We rent out young sloops of the fast growing brand Maxima Boats. Maxima Boats is a young and dynamic brand that focuses on innovative trends in sloopland. Choose the Maxima sloop if you want something different. The boats are comfortable, chic and have very good sailing characteristics.

Due to its central location in Friesland, you can enjoy beautiful views from our location in Heeg. sloe routes sailing. All our sloops can be sailed without a licence and sailing experience is not required either. After a short instruction, you will independently set sail to discover Friesland!