Slooproutes Friesland

There are beautiful routes to sail in Friesland. The routes below can be followed via Google Maps while sailing, very handy! But you also get a route booklet and a water map so you can adjust your route if you want or if you want to map out a route yourself.

If you are looking for a multi-day sloop route with overnight stays, take a look at this page. Choose one of the beautiful sloop routes Friesland.

Zoek je een meerdaagse sloeproute met overnachtingen kijk dan eens op deze pagina. Kies één van de mooie sloeproutes Friesland.

Our beautiful Maxima sloops

If you have found a nice route, choose and book your sloop and come and enjoy Friesland from Heeg. Sloop rental Friesland | Enjoying the water.

Sail the most beautiful sloop routes in Friesland without a license

A sailing license is not required for sailing with our sloops, but also for our Tiny Houseboats and sailing boats. If you want to know what the most important sailing rules are, take a look at the Hiswa site. Or view our sailing tips! Sloop routes Friesland.